Take the Ultimate Bracket Challenge
Our site's signature pool pits your selections not just against the bracket but against the rest of your competitors as well

The UBC's main pool is simply called The Ultimate Bracket Championship and this is how the Ultimate Bracket Champion is crowned. It is free to join. Each game is worth 100 points which are divided up equally between all entries that picked correctly. Important note: when filling out your bracket, you can pick a team in a later round even if you picked them to lose in a previous round. Check out the Instructions page for more details.


Public Pools
Multiple UBC public pools cover everything from the traditional to the unique

We offer some public pools in addition to The Ultimate Bracket Championship with a variety of scoring systems. They are all free to join, so join as many as you'd like!


Private Pools
Customize your own pool and invite your friends to compete against you

If you want to run your own private pool with your own rules, this is the place for you. Start with any one of our unique Challenges (see Instructions page for more details) then customize the scoring settings to your liking. Once you're done, choose a name and password for your pool and invite your friends...we'll take care of standings, scenarios, and everything else once the tournament starts!